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Axe Instructor, Dave, instructs a fair goer!
Axe Instructor, Dave, instructs a fair goer!
Like many first time throwers, this young lady was sticking axes in just a few minutes after some instruction from Dave.  
We provide expert training and demonstrations of knife and tomahawk throwing. What sets us apart is our specialty: teaching both new and experienced throwers in the art of knife and axe throwing in a one-on-one instructor/learner environment.

We have provided training and have performed in such events as:
- Stunt team / actor training for movies and TV
- Festivals
- Sporting event demonstrations
- Stunt shows featuring axe/knife fighting
- educational presentations for the Milwaukee Public Museum
- Warrior Dash
- Renaissance Faire / pirate fests
- Company team buildings such as: Harley-Davidson events
- Commercial advertisements
- Music video
- Private instruction / parties

We are avialable for film, festivals, demonstrations, even private parties or picnics. We have performed stunt demonstrations live for audiences and recorded demonstrations as well.

We can put on a very memorable demonstration and/or teach your guests. Give your guests the unique "take home" experience of sticking their own axe or knife!

SAFETY IS OUR PRIORITY! We've instructed people of all ages, from kids to seniors! We will safely teach you and provide an educational demonstration at your event! We've provided lessons for tens of thousands of people.
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Use the CONTACT US tab for information on booking a demonstration, instruction for your guests or personal lessons or with any other questions. Our manager Jonathan will email or call you back!
Our next event is...
Peter Martin, Knife Maker
Peter Martin, Knife Maker
Made by Peter Martin. You may recognize the name from the show Forged in Fire. Once you see his work it will be hard to look away!  
The Badger Knife Show

March 29th - 31st
Holiday Inn
Janesville, WI

Friday, Noon - 7 pm
Saturday, 8 am - 5 pm
Sunday, 9 am - 2 pm

$5 at the door, $8 three day pass
13 and under FREE with a paid adult

Come join us and learn more about knife and axe throwing, how to choose a proper thrower (trust me - you will be surprised), how to maintain them and of course... How to throw them. We will have some of our knives out for you to see and handle.

This is a premiere knife show that features knife makers, retailers and suppliers. If you collect knives, make knives, use knives, throw knives... You need to be here!

Vintage, custom, throwers, art, hunters, kitchen, factory production, tactical, miniatures, fantasy, swords, you name it!

Check out photos of some of the knife makers you can meet and purchase from at the show below....
Clarence DeYong

Clarence is most well known for his incredibly wide array of beautiful handle materials and use of rasps (ferrier's files) that create a truly unique look. He also use other steels and forges his own blades.  
Larry Franklin, Mya Knives

Larry is a master of pins and creates unique blades from inspiration or added his own personal touch to traditional styles. You will be hard pressed to find a maker as outwardly excited to to talk knives of any sort! You really get amped up about knives with Larry. He is having a blast making your next knife. After he makes mine that is ;)  
Jess Hoffman, JHoffman Knives

When I visited Jess Hoffman, I learned about meticulous nature perfectly blended with an easy going natural expression. His work is a great example of this combination.  
Philip Booth

Philip is bringing these two custom "Snickers" to the show! CRKT continues to collaborate with Philip and its easy to see why. Though he offers a wide range of styles, certain aspects in style easily tell you: this is a Booth knife.  
Denis Jensen, DJensen Knives

Denis makes solid working knives that offer clean lines and experienced finishing - nice and smooth.  
Special Guest Photo

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What's new?
We Are Proud to Announce:
On January 1st of 2019 our Head Knife Instructor, Jon Winski, has just been accepted to the role of State Representative of Wisconsin with the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame!
Jon will be working closely with the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame to serve as a public resource for those knife throwers interested in learning more about the IKTHOF and how to prepare for competion and to promote the arts of knife and tomahawk throwing!
"I am excited to serve the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame as State Representative for Wisconsin and will use this opportunity to further promote the art and sport of knife and tomahawk throwing. This organization is full of accomplished athletes that demonstrate constant honing of their skill for self improvement, recreation, competition and socializing. It is a privilege to serve on this platform among some of the friendliest and professional throwers from around the world.", says Jon Winski.

Jonathan posing with his mentor and friend Gil Hibben with the Bowie Jonathan made under Mr. Hibben's instruction! They teamed up to create the sgain dubh on the bottom.  
The one and only Gil Hibben! That's right!!! Mr. Hibben has been creating incredible handmade knives for 60 years! His creations are highly sought after world wide. Gil Hibben is probably most widely known for his Rambo III bowie! Paramount Pictures also declared him the "Official Armorer to the Klingon Empire" for his work. Check out hibbenknives.com

We sincerely thank Mr. Hibben for his endorsement and we do not take it lightly. Mr. Hibben's living legend status in the knife making community is one that earned respect due to his dedication not only to the craft but as an educator as well. We only use Gil Hibben throwing knives in our performances and lessons.

Mr. Hibben is a very accomplished knife thrower and has published his own book.

Once again we wish to thank Mr. Hibben for his endorsement and enthusiastically invite you to any of our events to see many versions of his work.

Thank you Mr. Hibben from Jonathan and all of us at Midwest Knife & Axe Throwers!
Welcome To My Head Music Video Featuring Jon & Kirsten Winski

Kirsten Winski featured on steam punk ring master attire with her twin tomahawks!  
Midwest Knife & Axe Throwers was honored to be asked to film a music video earlier in 2017. Check out Variant Production's video below starring the very talented Jared Paul at https://youtu.be/vCtk1fMhaNs

We were honored to be featured in the company of such talented artists from many different industries: music, acting, fire work, slack lining and more!
Now that's a knife!
Giant hand made working switchblade

Over 4 ft long, about 40 lbs and full automatic!  
"Now that's a knife!"
We met Bill Hodina, owner of this massive, fully functional, hand-crafted, switchblade! Made between 1949 - 1952, at a whopping 4 feet 4 inches long and 40 pounds this knife is one-of-a-kind!

If you are interested, Mr. Hodina is selling it! Contact him at 319-364-2201 for of interested or for more information.
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