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IKTHOF - International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame
The IKTHOF is located in Texas and organizes the most consistent world ranking system and attended competitions for regional, American and World Competitions.

This is a great group of people with skill levels ranging from beginner to expert, sharing the comraderie of brother and sisterhood.
For more information, contact our own Jon Winski, State Representative for WI, for more information. Or contact the President of the IKTHOF, Dr. Mike Bainton through the AKTI website.

Jon Winski...... 414-861-5334
Gil Hibben Knives

We exclusively use Gil Hibben designed knives in our demonstrations and lessons.

Though we have and have thrown knives designed by many makers, we find Gil Hibben offers the widest array of designs and brings over 60 years of professional experience to his knives.

As an accomplished thrower and inductee to the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame, Gil Hibben knows better than most what qualities a good throwing knife should have.

We are honored to have his endorsement and we enthusiastically endorse all Gil Hibben's knives!!!
Badger Knife Club

The Badger Knife Club is a fantastic place to meet other knife enthusiasts. They offer regular meetings and regular shows.
Wisconsin Scottish
Host of the Wisconsin Scottish Highland Games held in Waukesha each year. This organization is filled with fantastic people. They also do more than put on an incredible celebration each September. Log onto their website and learn more!
AKTI - American Knife & Tool Industries
The AKTI fights tirelessly in a firm and professional, common sense way to clarify knife laws, make them consistent and encourage the right to carry a knife.

Imagine your life without a knife. Knives are one of man's earliest tools - quite possibly second only to a rock used as a hammer. Unless you count a stick as a prod or spear, then man's oldest tool is arguably back to a knife.

Knives are an every day tool, usable in legal ways in offices, wilderness, construction sites, kitchens, ambulance services... Even police use knives daily in non-weapon capacities.

Help turn the fear based concept that knives are weapons. Knives are tools.

Please consider joining their association. Their are yearly memberships and even free grassroots memberships. Donations are greatly appreciated and used wisely.

The AKTI has helped change out dated, misunderstood and antiquated knife laws all across the U. S.
Atlanta Cutlery
Although we do not specifically endorse any particular merchant or supplier, some members of our team enjoys this site.
Museum Replicas
Although we do not specifically endorse any particular merchant or supplier, some members of our team enjoys this site.
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