Midwest Knife Axe Throwers

Private Instruction

Ever want to learn how to throw knives the right way, from a professional?

If you want to learn how to throw for fun….If you are familiar with throwing knives, axes and such but need to refine your technique….If you are a stunt man or woman and need professional training…..
We have taught thousands of people just like you how to throw knives, tomahawks, shuriken, spikes, nails…even poker cards.

We have thrown and taught at festivals, professional sporting event intermissions, private lessons, parties. Jonathan has even instructed professional stunt men for movies where a throwing knife was needed!

We have the experience and patience to teach you in a very fun and safe manner. Safety is always our first and foremost priority and teach you to make it yours. Then through one-on-one hands on instruction, we will have you throwing in minutes. Soon you will be honing in on smaller targets and throwing from further away.

Still have questions? Please contact Jonathan using our contact us feature. The cost is very reasonable. Our objective is to teach you safe, proven and efficient methods to get you throwing and sticking knives, tomahawks and more, quicker and consistently.

Contact us today! You will be provided with a certificate of completion after your lesson and membership into our exclusive fan club.

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