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Choosing a Knife or Axe

If you will be attending one of our upcoming events, make sure to talk with Jonathan or David. These two are in charge of sampling all our knives and axes we use and would love to share their insights with you!

David may have some of our axes to sell at the WI Highland Games. These are the same axes we throw! Stop by and chat with David – AND get some personal tips and instruction from David on how to throw your axe!

Choosing a throwing knife or tomahawk is a very personal venture. Each person is unique and though anyone is usually capable of throwing just about any style, design or weight, you definately want to stick with the styles that work best for you.

On a very positive and fun note: this takes a great deal of experimentation, practice and talking with other throwers. Bottom line, never pass on the opportunity to at least try to throw any knife or axe you can…assuming it is designed for such work.


#1 Rule of Knife/Tomahawk throwing:


…just in case this was unclear:


Things to consider:

Are you throwing for sport or hunting?

Weights and styles will be critical for each.

Are you brand new to the sport?

Don’t spend a great deal on your first knives. They should be relatively durable but inexpensive; don’t invest a great deal till you know you will enjoy them. Don’t be afraid to shop for prices, trust us, there are great deals out there if you look.

But what do I look for?

Knives: stainless or spring steel is a good start.
Axes: should have easily replaceable handles
Always check for manufacturer warranties.

ALWAYS try as many different types as you can and never choose by look alone. The knife or axe should feel comfortable in your hand and not too light/heavy and feels the most natural to throw. Trust us, after you start sticking knives/axes, no one (including you) is going to care what they look like – only that they stick where you throw them!

Last, if you are new, never…I repeat: never teach yourself! Always seek instruction from a professional. Hmm? Like us at an upcoming event!


Tips to keep in mind when you are learning to throw:

They will bounce off the target…MUCH farther than you think!

Throw with consistancy and finesse. The more power you use only increases the chance of it bouncing further/faster back at you and decreases your chance of hitting your target!

In regards to knives: they are not magic! They do not know if you are holding them by the handle or blade… IT IS A MYTH THAT KNIVES WILL STICK ONLY IF YOU THROW THEM BY THE BLADE!!! To learn knife throwing you will learn the relationship between distance to target and rotation. This will tell you whether you need to throw from the handle or blade.

Our suggestion: Learn to throw from the handle; it is the safest way to hold a knife. Why? Because it’s the HANDLE! “Hand dull” get it?

Myth #2 only sharp knifes stick. A “cutting edge” only increases the chance of the blade chipping or bending. The blade should have a relatively dull edge and medium point. It is an impailment instrument, not a cutting instrument.

Please stop by at one of our events and ask for either Jonathan or David and we will be happy to talk in more depth with you.

“Safety first!”

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