Midwest Knife Axe Throwers

Caring For Your Supplies

Tools you will need to care for your throwing knives and axes:

– medium coarse file
– medium grit sandpaper
– gun oil and rag/cloth
– electrician’s tape or sport tape

The medium file is used to file down the inevitable dings your axe head or knives will gain during your practice. The purpose is to take the nicks, dings, cracks out but not put a cutting edge on the blade.

Use the medium grit sandpaper to take off possible rust spots and splinters on the axe handles.

When ever you plan on storing your axes or knives, or if your local whether is particularly humid, apply a thin coat of oil over all metal areas.

Always completely wipe off all oil with a dry cloth before throwing your knives or axes!

If we have to explain this further, please do not bother taking up the sport. (They will slip out of your hands too easily and unexpectedly!)

Use the tape to wrap the wooden handles that will pick up dings and splinters as you practice to get the most “mileage” out of the handles. However, be conservative, if your handles are taking a beating and have more than a couple light splinters or rough spots you should replace your axe handles.

Thank you, throw safely and….


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