2014 Team Photo

2014 WI Highland Games Team Photo.
9th Year Anniversary!  

Isaac C. Singleton Jr. from Pirates of the Caribbean learning to throw knives and axes from Jon Winski  
Bridal Party at Port Washington Pirate Fest

Half Acre Brewing Commercial

Their beer "Navaja" means knife so the logical commercial was to hit it with a knife!  
Half Acre Brewing Party

Teaching axe throwing at one of the parties at Half Acre Brewing in Chicago!  
Holly said Jon Wouldn't...

Holly was much cooler the rest of the afternoon.  
Jon & Kirsten

Taking a moment before heading off to the Port Washington Pirate Fest Stunt Show!  
Jon, Joe Pera and Jo Firestone

Jo, Jon and Joe filming the knife throwing scene.  
Filing the knife throwing scene with Joe and Jo.
Kenosha Kingfish On-field Demo

Elise & Jon got to stick tomahawks at home plate!  
Kirsten Winski from "Welcome to My Head" music video

Kirsten, the steam punk axe thrower in the music video "Welcome to My Head"  
Madison Mallards "Duck"tober Fest

Music Video "Welcome to My Head"

Kirsten played an axe wielding steam punk ring master!  
Music Video "Welcome to My Head"

Jon executing a double tomahawk throw - each hawk landing in a separate target at the same time.  
Our Hand Carved Sign

Carved by Jeff Mohr at Northwoods Carver in WI.  
Overcomes In Christ Biker Ministry BBQ

Great team!  
Photo Gallery

Duel of the axe throwers! Both were very good with the axes! - Highland Games 07  
Please take a look at our various photo from the events we have participated in! Follow links on left below Photo Gallery.
Throw Down!!!

Shade and Kiki!  
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