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Our Exclusive MKAT Club is now open!

Do you want to join a professional knife and axe throwing association? Do you want to know your organization has experience instructing thousands of people? Do you want to responsibly represent the unique sports of knife and tomahawk throwing?

MIDWEST KNIFE & AXE THROWERS is now proud to offer an affiliate membership as a Midwest Knife & Axe Throwing Club member to show your support of knife and axe throwing and the Midwest Knife & Axe Throwers team! This is more than a fan club; this is membership into an elite association of both hobbyist and professional knife throwers. We can all teach to and learn from each other while sharing love of the sports of knife and ax throwing.

As a member, you accept the responsibility of promoting the responsible use and practice of knife and axe throwing by always utilizing an practicing the safest and most responsible principles at all times. That’s it. You promise to practice and endorse safety in the sport.

All memberships are $10 and as a member you will recieve LIFETIME membership with:

1 – ID card containing:

  • Your name
  • serial number
    (#’s issued in sequential order)
  • rank as a thrower
    (we test you at events)

2 – Bumper sticker with our logo and motto: “If you hit the bull’s-eye, it shows you can – but if you hit it again, it prove you meant to.”

3 – You will also be eligible for random drawings throughout the year for used equipment we may be replacing, t-shirts, bumper stickers, festival tickets and more. There may even be a special gift awaiting the 100th member to sign up but don’t tell anyone I told you.

And no, we won’t tell you in advance what number you will get. As orders come in, we will assign numbers in the order we receive payments for membership.

In between appearance dates we will update a new page on our website that lists everyone’s name, id # and ranking as a knife and ax thrower.

You may test for free at ANY event we are at. You will recieve 10 minutes of warm ups. Then you will be tested for accuracy. Your results will be posted on our website shortly after with your new rank.

You may test twice per day and your highest score at any event will be used as your rank. For example you test at a 2 day renaissance faire, your higher of the two scores (one from each day) will be your overall rank for that event.

Possible ranks will be:

BEGINNER – you stick some and bounce some. You don’t practice regularly but are always ready to give it a try! It’s totally for the fun of it.

THROWER – You stick some whenever you throw, you’re learning to control your accuracy, distances and style. You try to practice now and then or maybe regularly. Fun is the key but you definitely are known as a knife or axe thrower.

HOBBYIST – High dedication. You practice semi regularly and usually stick most of the time. You may have a trick shot you are comfortable with. You throw for the fun of it and look to maintain or improve your skill.

EXPERT – You throw it, it sticks…when you want, where you want. You are proficient and capable of accurately correcting your own mistakes. You have your own target and have found a favorite knife/axe you like to throw with.

ACE – Any target, any time…the bull’s-eye is where you work; it’s your comfort zone.

Midwest Knife & Axe Throwers does not endorse nor is it responsible for the practices, statements or opinions of the association members. Club members are not “team members€” and do not speak on behalf of nor are part of the professional demonstration or instruction team. This association is to simply create an atmosphere of brother and sisterhood of folks from all walks of life and all skill levels who share a love of knife and/or axe throwing.
Membership may be revoked by the Midwest Knife & Axe Throwers for behavior, practices or comments that endorse or display unsafe practices or that are unethical or morally questionable.

Please contact Jonathan on the “Contact Us” page to order! They are great gifts for yourself or someone else!

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